SFGiantsFancast is a fan site for the San Francisco Giants and is not supported by or connected to the Official San Francisco Giants organization.


SFGiantsFancast provides an advanced newsroom concept, helping fans quickly discover the team and player level news they care about.  SFGiantsFancast delivers a one-stop hub of news and information about the Giants from a variety of news and information sources. Each piece of content is ranked via proprietary Social Rank® crowdsourcing technology so that fans can find the most popular, relevant and trending Giants stories. This makes it easy for its fans to find the most engaging articles based on social media shares and other criteria.   MobSoc Media’s proprietary Social Rank® crowdsourcing technology collects real-time news by player and team updates for San Francisco Giants fans.  The Social Rank® technology curates and ranks content by using a complex analysis of crowdsourced recommendations for articles based on social media shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and audience engagement data across the world wide web.


Fans may create a login to the site and personalize the website to follow the topics and players they care about.   Fans may also set preferences to receive a daily or weekly eNewsletter with the latest Giants news matched to their interests.


SFGiantsFancast is owned and operated by MobSoc Media.  For further information, you may visit MobSocMedia.com.